Saturday, June 22, 2019

Customer Relationship Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 2

Customer Relationship Management - Essay ExampleSuch an organization will have matched advantages such as certified ISO 9000, reduction in costs, delivery on time, new technologies and CRM implementation. Marketing activities are important because they add value to CRM through trailing a customers activities. CRM, in current days, is considered a buzzword in selling and marketing activities (Bidgoli, 2010). There is tracking of cookies, which is exchangeable to that of Google Analytics, which will give up an organization to build a digital trail of a customer interacting with the firm automatic anyy. Google Analytics does provide the overall trends of the visitors while marketing automation will invite tracking at a micro level therefrom the organization is able to see the activities of its customers. For instance, a customer will open a paper, attend the price information in the paper and this information is able to give sales representatives intelligence regarding their prosp ects. CRM earth-closet include capabilities of emails while marketing using modify software will offer comprehensive marketing system via the email. Most of the features of automated marketing include the abilities of sending blast emails that will display from each one sales representative, email resending tests among others. Traditional forms of marketing used to focus on the 4ps for increasing market share. The market share was increased through increasing the intensity level of transactions taking place between a buyer and a seller. On the contrary, CRM currently focuses on use of various strategies, procedures, tools and technologies available in promoting goodish relationship between customers and sellers for the purpose of increasing the sales volume, profit of the firm and creating customer satisfaction. Ways to Deploy CRM Solutions available for CRM today encompass more than exactly market automation and sales, but also building customer loyalty, mobile and internet b usiness and Web 2.0 driven value of CRM in the society. Therefore, CRM has expanded to be a key predictor of the business activities done by enterprises. Options available for an enterprise to consider when deploying CRM include hybrid combination, RMS on the premise, on premise CRM that is managed by the vendors, etc. Organizations that employ o-premise deployment method lease infrastructure that include the operation systems. These applications will be installed in the organizations data center and hence the entire package will be owned by the organization. The firm can customize the applications as needed because it has full control over all infrastructure and data. Siebel CRM product from Oracle Corporation uses this category and according to Gartner, this type of deployment makes up seventy percent of the total CRM market. Vendor Managed CRM deployment on the premise is similar to on-premise deployment although in this case, the vendor is responsible for providing the operation al support for the entire application at the site hosting the application. The firm preserves the ability of this application to function and they can customize the application to a specified extent. Modifications on this application can be done by mixing internal resources and resources supplied by the vendors. Use of innkeeper roles enables a company to deploy other servers to other servers for performance (Wolenik

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